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Agenda: MicroLED Connect Conference and Exhibition

👥Conference and Exhibition: MicroLED Connect

🗓️Dates: 25 & 26 Sept 2024

📍 Location: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

📢📣 Time to Explore the MicroLED Connect Agenda  📢📣 It is a world-classconference and exhibition program featuring over 42 onsite talks,  22+ onsite exhibitors and sponsors, 8 expert-led masterclasses as well as onsite tours.

The speakers include Google, Meta, VueReal, Coherent, TCL CSOT, Continental, GlobalFoundries Omdia, Yole Group, Toray Engineering, Konica Minolta, CEA-Leti, Aixtron, JC Decaux, Applied Materials, and others.

This is the first-ever onsite conference and exhibition dedicated to the MicroLED industry and could not come at a more critical time.


📅 ✉️We invite you to explore the agenda and book before 12 July


Conference Agenda

You can find the latest agenda here:

25 September 2024

VueReal | Making MicroLED the next OLED in a $180B display market

Coherent | MicroLED Display Volume Manufacturing Enabled By Laser Technology.

TCL CSOT | Revolutionising Visual Experiences: Unveiling the Future with MicroLED Displays*

Continental | Automotive User Experience - Opportunities for MicroLED Displays

Networking Break


UC Santa Barbara | Recent Advances in III-Nitrides for High Efficiency 1 to 10 micron scale MicroLED Devices

KAUST | Challenges in InGaN-Based Red Micro-LEDs Technology

Allos Semiconductor | Development of GaN uLEDs on 300mm Si wafers*

Aixtron | Pioneering MicroLED epiwafer production: Overcoming Challenges and Enabling Innovation

Networking Break


Applied Materials | Manufacturing Scalability of MicroLED Displays using UV-pumped Cd-free Quantum Dots

QNA Technology | Heavy-metals-free blue light-emitting quantum dots for color conversion and emissive display application

Saphlux | Full-Color Micro-LED Near-Eye Display Technology Based on Quantum Dot

SCIL | Nano-structured micro-LEDs

Networking Break


Konica Minolta | Measuring and Correcting MicroLED Display Uniformity

Hamamatsu | Lased based mass inspection technology for microLED manufacturing*

3D Micromac | Revolutionizing µLED Production with Laser-Based Processes

Delo | Bonding solutions for successful electrical connection of mini and microLED

Fraunhofer IAP | Colour Conversion Technologies: Technology Options. Assessments, Roadmap*

Scrona | EHD Multinozzle Printheads as Enablers for Economic microLED Color Conversion

Toray Engineering | Mass Transfer Process for Mass production of MicroLED


26 September 2024

Track 1

Yole Group | MicroLED Status and Roadmap: Market, Value Chain and Application Trends and Forecast*

Imec.xpand | Opportunities and Challenges of Investing in Deeptech Startups

Google | Smart glasses displays: transitioning from LCoS to microLED and beyond.

Meta | TBC

Networking Break

MICLEDI | Yield and manufacturing challenges for microLED micro-displays

Polar Light Technologies | Pyramidal uLEDs – a novel bottom-up concept delivering focused light emission and a path to monolithic RGB

Kubos Semiconductor | Achieving Baseline Efficiency in Red microLEDs for AR/VR Applications

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology | Advanced Dry etching for Micro-LED applications

Networking Break


SmartKem | Monolithic microLED production using organic TFTs (LED first)*

Holst/TNO | Innovative Approaches to Enhancing MicroLED Display Technology: Insights from TNO / Holst Centre

TracXon | Roll-to-roll production of MicroLEDs on foils with printing and novel pick-and-place*

University of Strathclyde | Advancing Micro-LED Manufacturing: Overcoming Mass Transfer Challenges and Cost Barriers with Continuous Roll-Transfer Printing.

Mikro Mesa | Challenges and Myths of mobile µLED displays

Networking Break

Omdia | Micro LED Display Industry Update

JCDecaux | The latest trends in outdoor signage displays*

Track 2

Finetech GmbH | Indium bump Interconnect (IBI) Flip Chip Bonding

AIM Solder | Addressing Concerns of Ultra-Miniature Assembly for Mini/MicroLEDs

FAMETEC | Sapphire Crystal Growth technology to reduce MicroLED manufacturing Environmental impact

CondAlign | Aligned conductive adhesives for MicroLED bonding

Networking Break

Global Foundries | Next-gen AR microLED micro-displays on a GF 22FDX platform*

KuraTech | Multimodal AI + AR using microLED microdisplays*

Adeia | Enabling Cost-Effective MicroLED Integration for Near-Eye Devices: A Semiconductor System Perspective

XPANCEO | Graphene-inspired quasi-two-dimensional gold for flexible and wearable device applications.

CEA-Leti | On the Use of MicroLED for Multifunctional Display

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