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27-28 November 2024

AR, VR, and MR Vision Systems: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, Future Roadmap

This event will cover innovations and prototypes/products in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed-reality (MR) vision systems. It is a unique event covering all key technologies from lens and waveguides to microdisplays and other display technology to novel patterning and manufacturing techniques to eye tracking and machine learning/AI techniques. In parallel, it seeks to highlight interesting display prototypes and products in development or recently unveiled. 

A special emphasis will be given to microLED engines

Confirmed speakers include:

Topics Covered

MicroLEDs | Augmented reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | Mixed-reality (MR) | Waveguides | Eye Tracking | Microdisplays | Heads-Up Displays | Near-Eye Displays
holographic optical elements (HOEs) |Lithography enabled devices | Liquid Crystals | Metasurfaces | See-Through Displays | Waveguides | Nanoimprinting | Metalens | Wearable Displays | MEMS Scanning Displays |Eye Tracking | Foveated rendering | 3D Depth Sensing | Smart Glasses | Projection-based AR | Lens-based displays | Motion Tracking | Computer Vision | Holographic Displays | Optic Materials | Low Dispersion Materials

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